New Year’s Resolution

It’s early February, and if you’re like most people you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolution by now.  What happened to the energy, excitement and motivation you had just a few weeks ago?  Chances are you didn’t take the time to create a goal and develop a plan to help you meet the goal.  It’s not too late!  Take the time today to sit down and create a SMART goal.  SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Action-Based, Realistic and Time-bound.

Specific – just saying I want to lose weight this year isn’t a specific goal.  An example of a specific goal is:  I am going to lose 15 pounds by June 1st.

Measureable – a goal has to have a measureable metric.  15 pounds is measurable, as is walking 30 minutes four times per week, or entering my food intake in my calorie tracking app after each meal.

Action-based – in order to attain a goal there has to be some action!  Walking 30 minutes four times per week is action-based.

Realistic – losing 50 pounds in a month is not realistic.  This is something that might be achieved if you’re on a weight-loss tv show, but it in real life it’s not realistic, and certainly not recommended!

Time-bound – back to the previous example, losing 15 pounds by June establishes the time frame for the goal.  Without an end date, we’re less apt to take the actions required to meet the goal.  Having the deadline helps create a sense of urgency and reduces our tendency to procrastinate.

Developing a plan is the next step.  Now that you’ve committed to walking four times per week, what days and times are you going to do it?  Ever heard of the 5 P Principle?  Proper planning prevents poor performance.  Building the new behavior into your busy schedule is an integral part of being successful, and having a backup plan in case an obstacle prevents you from the action is even more important!  Life happens, and if we aren’t prepared to adjust for the challenges that arise, we won’t accomplish our goal.

If would like help creating your SMART goal and developing an action plan, go to the Contact page and let me know how I can reach you.

Good luck!

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